Panoramic Project – Horizon line


The horizon line between earth/sea and sky is a constant issue pervading these drawings of panoramic landscapes.

The horizon line is an abstraction, it is a contact zone of space with matter, and, as such, an endless field of possibilities to investigate insubstantiality issues. This is the guideline cross cutting all the panoramic works.

Light games either blur the horizon line between space and earth, or emphasize it underlining the indefinition, the impossibility to establish clear, substantial boundaries between, sky, earth and sea.

The extremely extended drawing formats of Panoramic emphasize the spacious vastness, together with a vast tonal palette, from the deep blacks to transparent greys that different types of charcoal combinations offer. In the process of drawing on paper the charcoal material qualities turn into dust. This is a material that manifests immateriality.



Isabel Correia


© 2014 Isabel Correia